20 October, 2011

misalignment, aligned.



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9 April, 2010


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5 April, 2010

Explicit prohibition as the evidence of the prohibited act itself

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On a train between Milan and Castellanza

It is amusing how a sign prohibiting a certain behaviour essentially becomes an effective indicator of the fact that the prohibited behaviour exists.

In this case, the indication was more prominent than other signs such as the usual “No smoking” sign as I have never seen the same sign on trains in Japan or in the UK. They don’t exist simply because people do not do it, thus there is no need to put up the sign.

As the world gets more globalised, more people with different types of and/or tendency of different (negative) behaviours live in a given society, how would such uncounsicous assumptions be challenged at a design phase? And its influence of the public space design?

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3 April, 2010

[Photo] Digital native

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21 March, 2010

Starting a (yet another) design blog

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Image: design, then?

Finally I’m starting a new English blog to keep my messy thoughts on record. How I would go on about blogging is not clear yet, but I have put my current intentions on the “About” page. I will keep this post as a sticky post for a while after the launch.

I am also starting a twitter account in parallel to complement the blog.


Tweets would be in both English and Japanese and on general topics (somewhat) relating to design as well as blog post notifications. If interested, please follow; I look forward to having interesting conversations!

I have been tweeting (a lot) in my private account mostly on daily things in Japanese and the above account is to give potential followers more focus on design related matters. In case you’re interested, my other account is shown under “Lifestreams” on the right.


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