28 October, 2009


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Photo of Turin

Looking over at the Vittorio square to the west from the church Gran Madre di Dio

The blog

Mainly personal notes on “design” in a broader sense. Rather than focusing on specific fields/disciplines of design or skills, it would be more about the cross influence of design and things usually regarded to be outside design. The main interest here is in how things that illustrate various characteristics of different societies, cultures, technologies and people’s lives in general come into design and vice versa.

However, in order to keep the blog going, it’s most likely that I would post anything that interests me. (IT stuff, web design, topics around new gadgets, daily observations with interesting implications, etc.)

It would be great to exchange information, ideas, opinions, etc. with people from different practices as well as the designers.

In addition, I’d like to introduce any interesting articles in Japanese whenever possible as I noticed insightful articles in English and Japanese do not refer to each other and it’s a pitty.

The name

I named the blog “after design” with two intentions behind; one is to think of what would come after design now that “design” is pretty much everywhere (however by no means I say design is finished, in fact, quite the opposite) and the other is that I am always after (good) design.

The author

My name is Takumi Yoshida and I am an industrial designer living and working in Turin, Italy for Experientia, an international experience design consultancy.

Although my design background is from industrial design, my current work mainly involves concept service design and user interface design of any product with (mainly digital) interactions including web design.

A bit more on my background and from where my interests originate

Partially due to my family environment, since birth I have been living in several parts of the world with different cultures. This naturally had me interested in the people who are all the same and at the same time all different (dah), the differences in their thinking, behaviour, life styles, etc. Cultural/habitual differences on individual scale to continental ones. This is one thing.

On the other, ever since I experienced one of the fundamental significance of design, to have your creation appreciated by the others in a practical sense, design and the desire to design have been my foremost interest.

As a natural convergence of the two interests, my attention has been drawn to the crossing of design and societies (or rather, communities) and its implications.

Like many other things on a large, abstract level, the topic may get somewhat theoretical/hypothetical and all, however, as I’d like to think “thinking” is as important as “doing”, I will keep this place as a messy record of my messy thoughts… If you happened to find even a small part of my thinking interesting, that would be great. Thanks.